Remodeling After Photo
Remodeling After Photo

When it comes to home remodeling, there are two parts that seem like a slam dunk: your kitchen and bathroom. Maybe you’re tired of those old linoleum floors or chipped paint. And maybe your shower has that scratchy feeling you can only get from years of soap scum build up. However, bathroom remodels aren’t always straightforward; there are lots of factors to consider before jumping into a project. Help Squad’s licensed contractors will help you through the entire remodeling process from A-Z - design to completion. Our full remodeling service includes kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, painting, entertainment center installation, flooring installation, roofing installation and more. Giving your home an updated kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel not only makes it more enjoyable for you and your family, it could also increase your home value. A great kitchen and bathroom remodel can be a fantastic investment in addition to giving yourself, guests and family a beautiful space to enjoy. We are a licensed & insured contractor. If you’re looking for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Francisco, you’ve come to the right place. Our team consider many factors, including your home’s color scheme, layout and style. Then we craft a personalized design to fit within your budget. Are you looking for a home entertainment center? Having a home theater, or entertainment center, provides a great space for hosting your guests or spending fun times with your loved ones. Our professionals will develop a plan for the home theater or entertainment center of your dreams. Another great way to add value to your home and update it to the latest style is a new floor installation. Whether you’re looking for tile installation, hardwood floor installation and more, our pros have got you covered. Whatever your home remodeling goals, our handymen and remodel professionals are here to help. Schedule your free quote today and let’s get started! Check out out Google review page. We have hundreds of happy customers. Talk to the pros. Call Help Squad’s super-friendly staff for a quote today.

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01. Schedule

We set up a time to inspect your home and come up with a customized plan. Our squad is available 24/7.

02. Plan

Tackling a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel can seem like an incredibly daunting task if you’ve never done it before. But with the right plan of action and a skilled team, you can knock it out in no time at all.

03. Get to Work!

After we review and get your approval, we get to work remodeling your home to give you your dream space! Check out our Google review page. We have hundreds of happy customers.

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